Management of water resources, then construction of lifting systems, water supply, irrigation, work on the hydraulic part of water purification and purification plants.

Since 1959, F.lli Marconi build wells for water, aqueducts, lifting and irrigation equipment, for potable, industrial or agricultural use.

Marconi operates in the new construction and maintenance of valuable building constructions as well as in the restoration of public and private artistic heritage. 

Everything related to hydrogeology and geotechnics: from drilling for water and mining research to drilling

Marconi deals with the construction of large works such as the construction of works by the sea, river works, bridge construction, stadium construction

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Environmental projects
Major projects
Marine works


Company owners

Andrea Marconi
Andrea Marconi Administrative officer

Areas of competence:
Industrial plants
Major projects

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Dante Marconi
Dante Marconi Safety Manager
Logistic, calls for tenders

Areas of competence:
Drilling and consolidations 
Hydraulic plant engineering
Environmental Rehabilitation
Road engineering

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Technical staff

Carmine Carotenuto
Carmine Carotenuto Construction - plumbing;

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Fabio Guidarini
Fabio Guidarini Construction - Road engineering;

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Administrative staff

Alessandro Toncelli
Alessandro Toncelli Management

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